Plastic connector ZS "Matt black"

EAN: | Item no.: 3635

In case of products with straight cut edges - without any integrated connecting profile - these connectors, similarly to the wooden plugs, join two adjacent elements and prevent them from drifting apart. The joint between the elements made by the connectors is not form-fit, the position of the holes for the connectors define the elements' laying pattern (spread or in a row).

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ZS (Additional products)
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Colour Matt black The plastic honeycomb grid is coloured in matt black. Due to the manufacturing conditions, significant variations of the colour can occur. However, since the honeycomb grid is a non-visible construction material, the colour differences make no difference.

material Highly selected and uncontaminated polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) from reject lots of new plastic products are processed into homogeneous plastic granulate. As a result, the plastic granulate is free of heavy metals or contamination by metals or external substances. This is an ecological and economical solution, which saves petroleum and energy and reduces the amount of waste. The finished product has the excellent properties of both plastic materials.

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