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WARCO's 40 mm thick fall protection tiles and mats offer more safety and comfort for private, municipal and public playgrounds.

The 40 mm thick safety mats and safety tiles offer optimum protection for fall heights of up to 145 cm - ideal for users of all ages. Made from high-quality rubber granules bound with polyurethane, this fall protection is characterised by its durability, ease of maintenance and environmental friendliness.

WARCO fall protection mats and tiles in 40 mm thickness are characterised by their versatility. They are available in three different connection systems: Puzzle-Verzahnung für besten Halt,

  • Interlocking paving to match the BEHATON format,
  • Plastic plug-in connection.

The precise puzzle toothing guarantees stability and durability, as it securely connects the panels.

The 40 mm thick WARCO fall protection mats and tiles are also weather-resistant and easy to clean. Their anti-slip properties ensure safe footing even when the surface is wet.

A wide range of colours enables creative and appealing playground designs both indoors and outdoors. The 40 mm thick fall protection mats and tiles are also available in fire class Cfl-s1. Put your trust in WARCO. For safety that is fun.

Advantages of fall protection mats and fall protection slabs with a thickness of 40 mm

  • Protection for fall heights of up to 145 cm.
  • High-quality, durable material.
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to recycled rubber granules.
  • Flexible installation options.
  • Non-slip surface, safe in wet conditions.
  • Weather-resistant for outdoor areas.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Wide range of colours for a smart design.

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